Std 8

Solar Panel With Pump

AC Generator

Carbon Cycle Model

Oxygen Cycle Model

Sensor Light Working Model

Wind Mill Working Model

fiber model chick cell

fiber model Excretory System

Open Model-Compound Telescope

Open Model-Astronomical Microscope

3D-Model Earthquakes

3-D Model-Oxygen and Carbon Cycle

3D Model-Air & Water Pollution

Battery Eliminator

Animal Cell And Plant Cell

Amoeba Fiber Model


Bio Gas Plant

Motor Cum Generator

Wind Mill

Solar Cooker

Generation of current by moving coil

Electric Bell Demonstration

Oersted Apperatus

Fuse in circuit

Solonoid On Base

Magnetic Field Apparatus

Rechargeable Dry Cell With Charger

Simple Cell




Minerals and Rocks In Show Case

Distillation Apparatus

Digital Thermohygrometer

Aneroid Barometer

Fortins Barometer

Projection Microscope

Atomic Model set of 7

Atomic Model Loose Kit Polylab

Isotopes Of Hydrogen

Structure of Atom

Diamond Crystal Model

Graphic Crystal Model

Oxygen Molecule

Hydrogen Molecule

Solar System Imported

Solar System Electric

Solar System Electric Working

Sodium Chloride Crystal Matel

Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Chain Reactor

Formation of Chlorine Ion

Formation Of Sodium Ion


Phases of Moon