Std 10

Slidoscope with Micro photo Slide

DNA Model on Stand

Motor Open Model

Minerals & Rocks in Show Case

Bessimar plant

Copper Purification Apparatus

Round Moving Table Apparatus

Liquidation Apparatus

Forth Flotation Apparatus

PH Meter

Internal Structure of the Earth

Solar System Imported

Solar System Electric

Solar System Electric Working

Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Chain Reactor

Fractional Distillation of Petroleum-Acrylic Model

Biogas Plant S.S.

Wind mill

Solar Water Heater

Solar Cooker

Solar Energy Kit

Hydro-Power (Turbine cum Generator)

Ac Dc Dynamo

Motor Cum Generator

Solonid on Base

Magnetic Field Apparatus

Generation of Current by Moving coil

Electrolysis Apparatus

Water Voltameter

Domestic Electric Circuit(Back)

Domestic Electric Circuit(Front)

Faradays Apparatus New

Resistance in Series & Parallel Built in Type

Resistance in Parallel Loose Kit

Resistance in Series Loose Kit

OHM Law Apparatus

OHM Law- Loose Kit

Simple Cell

Fuse in Circuit

Battery Eliminator

Mixing of Colour Apparatus


Optical Tank

Angular Mirror

Bucky Ball

Neno Tube

Ray Kit