Std 11 & 12

Reversible Key

Plug Key Three Way

Plug Key One Way

Electronic Balance

Clamp with Bosshead

Retort Stand With Clamp

Parallex Pin on Stand

Law of Parrallogram Metal

Tangent Galvanometer

copper voltameter

Copper Calorimeter

Junior Medical Microscope

Projection Microscope

Digital Microscope With T.V. Facility

Petrol Gas Plant

Inclined Plane Apparatus

Double Inclimed Plane

Zenor Diode Apparatus Loose Kit

P.N. Junction Apparatus Loose Kit

Slit Box


Optical Bench Double Red

Conversion of Galvonometer In To Ammeter & Voltmeter

Post Office Box

Potentio Meter 4 wire

Meter Bridge Laminated

Resistance Box


OHM Law Apparatus

OHM Law- Loose Kit

Boyles Law Apparatus

Viscocity Appratus

Resonance Apparatus


Newton Law of Colling Apparatus

Traveling Microscope Omega

Constant K Apparatus

Young Modules Searls Pattern

Young Modules Vernire Type

Simple Pendulum on Stand

Digital Stop Clock

Stop Clock

Law of Parallogram on stand

Weight Box Stainless Steel

Weight Box Brass

Balance With Case

Sphero Meter

Micrometer Screw Gauge

Vernier Calipers